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Change Image Size on Upload

     In the following php project you  can upload a profile image and reduce the size while uploading time, using php and jquery script, it will change the profile picture in real time without refreshing and it is used ajax call.
     For Ajax and another some purpose you need to import following two javascript file.

  1. jquery.form
  2. jquery.min
Change Profile Photo using php


function createDir($path){  
 if (!file_exists($path)) {
  $old_mask = umask(0);
  mkdir($path, 0777, TRUE);

function createThumb($path1, $path2, $file_type, $new_w, $new_h, $squareSize = ''){
 /* read the source image */
 $source_image = FALSE;
 if (preg_match("/jpg|JPG|jpeg|JPEG/", $file_type)) {
  $source_image = imagecreatefromjpeg($path1);
 elseif (preg_match("/png|PNG/", $file_type)) {
  if (!$source_image = @imagecreatefrompng($path1)) {
   $source_image = imagecreatefromjpeg($path1);
 elseif (preg_match("/gif|GIF/", $file_type)) {
  $source_image = imagecreatefromgif($path1);
 if ($source_image == FALSE) {
  $source_image = imagecreatefromjpeg($path1);

 $orig_w = imageSX($source_image);
 $orig_h = imageSY($source_image);
 if ($orig_w < $new_w && $orig_h < $new_h) {
  $desired_width = $orig_w;
  $desired_height = $orig_h;
 } else {
  $scale = min($new_w / $orig_w, $new_h / $orig_h);
  $desired_width = ceil($scale * $orig_w);
  $desired_height = ceil($scale * $orig_h);
 if ($squareSize != '') {
  $desired_width = $desired_height = $squareSize;

 /* create a new, "virtual" image */
 $virtual_image = imagecreatetruecolor($desired_width, $desired_height);
 // for PNG background white----------->
 $kek = imagecolorallocate($virtual_image, 255, 255, 255);
 imagefill($virtual_image, 0, 0, $kek);
 if ($squareSize == '') {
  /* copy source image at a resized size */
  imagecopyresampled($virtual_image, $source_image, 0, 0, 0, 0, $desired_width, $desired_height, $orig_w, $orig_h);
 } else {
  $wm = $orig_w / $squareSize;
  $hm = $orig_h / $squareSize;
  $h_height = $squareSize / 2;
  $w_height = $squareSize / 2;
  if ($orig_w > $orig_h) {
   $adjusted_width = $orig_w / $hm;
   $half_width = $adjusted_width / 2;
   $int_width = $half_width - $w_height;
   imagecopyresampled($virtual_image, $source_image, -$int_width, 0, 0, 0, $adjusted_width, $squareSize, $orig_w, $orig_h);

  elseif (($orig_w <= $orig_h)) {
   $adjusted_height = $orig_h / $wm;
   $half_height = $adjusted_height / 2;
   imagecopyresampled($virtual_image, $source_image, 0,0, 0, 0, $squareSize, $adjusted_height, $orig_w, $orig_h);
  } else {
   imagecopyresampled($virtual_image, $source_image, 0, 0, 0, 0, $squareSize, $squareSize, $orig_w, $orig_h);
 if (@imagejpeg($virtual_image, $path2, 90)) {
  return TRUE;
 } else {
  return FALSE;


<!doctype html>
<meta charset="utf-8">
<title>Image upload and generate thumbnail using ajax in PHP</title>
<link href="./css/style.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="./js/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="./js/jquery.form.js"></script>
$undefineddocument).onundefined'change', '#image_upload_file', function undefined) {
var progressBar = $undefined'.progressBar'), bar = $undefined'.progressBar .bar'), percent = $undefined'.progressBar .percent');

    beforeSend: functionundefined) {
        var percentVal = '0%';
    uploadProgress: functionundefinedevent, position, total, percentComplete) {
        var percentVal = percentComplete + '%';
    success: functionundefinedhtml, statusText, xhr, $form) {  
  obj = $.parseJSONundefinedhtml); 
   var percentVal = '100%';
 complete: functionundefinedxhr) {



<div id="frame0">
  <h1>Image upload and generate thumbnail using ajax in php.</h1>
  <p>More tutorials <a href=""></a></p>
<div id="imgContainer">
  <form enctype="multipart/form-data" action="image_upload_demo_submit.php" method="post" name="image_upload_form" id="image_upload_form">
    <div id="imgArea"><img src="./img/default.jpg">
      <div class="progressBar">
        <div class="bar"></div>
        <div class="percent">0%</div>
      <div id="imgChange"><span>Change Photo</span>
        <input type="file" accept="image/*" name="image_upload_file" id="image_upload_file">


/*defined settings - start*/
ini_set("memory_limit", "99M");
ini_set('post_max_size', '20M');
ini_set('max_execution_time', 600);
define('IMAGE_SMALL_DIR', './uploades/small/');
define('IMAGE_SMALL_SIZE', 50);
define('IMAGE_MEDIUM_DIR', './uploades/medium/');
define('IMAGE_MEDIUM_SIZE', 250);
/*defined settings - end*/

if (isset($_FILES['image_upload_file'])) {
    $output['status'] = FALSE;
    $allowedImageType = array(
    if ($_FILES['image_upload_file']["error"] > 0) {
        $output['error'] = "Error in File";
    } elseif (!in_array($_FILES['image_upload_file']["type"], $allowedImageType)) {
        $output['error'] = "You can only upload JPG, PNG and GIF file";
    } elseif (round($_FILES['image_upload_file']["size"] / 1024) > 4096) {
        $output['error'] = "You can upload file size up to 4 MB";
    } else {
        /*create directory with 777 permission if not exist - start*/
        /*create directory with 777 permission if not exist - end*/
        $path[0]     = $_FILES['image_upload_file']['tmp_name'];
        $file        = pathinfo($_FILES['image_upload_file']['name']);
        $fileType    = $file["extension"];
        $desiredExt  = 'jpg';
        $fileNameNew = rand(333, 999) . time() . ".$desiredExt";
        $path[1]     = IMAGE_MEDIUM_DIR . $fileNameNew;
        $path[2]     = IMAGE_SMALL_DIR . $fileNameNew;
        if (createThumb($path[0], $path[1], $fileType, IMAGE_MEDIUM_SIZE, IMAGE_MEDIUM_SIZE, IMAGE_MEDIUM_SIZE)) {
            if (createThumb($path[1], $path[2], "$desiredExt", IMAGE_SMALL_SIZE, IMAGE_SMALL_SIZE, IMAGE_SMALL_SIZE)) {
                $output['status']       = TRUE;
                $output['image_medium'] = $path[1];
                $output['image_small']  = $path[2];
    echo json_encode($output);


  1. Hi, it is a really good helps me a lot. However, why the new image gone whenever i refresh the can i make it stay with the new image. Thanks

  2. You need to insert path file name into database.

  3. Best php script, thanks for this

    1. you are welcome and thanks for your comments.

  4. how you enter path file into database.?

  5. I don't usually go around posting stuff like this but THANKS SO MUCH. Saved me so much time, very kind :)

  6. Merbin,
    I did a lot of search for the past few days, nothing came even closer to this. Either its a over kill or they need a stupid browse button to upload.
    Thank you and god bless.

  7. is possible to check if image exist? then replace or use it that to update to database?

  8. when i upload to my real server, i got error message as underfine. I am not sure what is wrong, I did check error_log and there is nothing there.

  9. I just tried it out...i check everything 10 times, nothing is missing, but after browsing the picture actually nothing happens. Whats the matter with that? Thank you!

  10. It works for awhile for me but in a little while I got stuck up not uploading the picture anymore :(

  11. its work but its have a problem to upload images took from digital camera. if you have any photos please try

  12. I can't run this script on my local server, please tell me php config settings.. Thank you.

    1. There no need any special settings!!!

  13. On my local server its working fine but on ubuntu server getting interval server error 500 no permission error and no php error.


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