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      Many of the people format the system for virus problem, day by day many variety of virus created by someone hackers or others. Most of them format their C Drive (Operating system installed drive), because prevent for remove other files like their images, videos or other important documents. In this situation many type of viruses won't remove from your computer permanently, it will live their system in idle state.
    Idle state mean the virus are in your system but It will not affected your main memory, in this state the virus won't give any problem to users. But the virus will active soon by the user activities.

   The following system is format only C Drive for virus problem, but the C drive(main memory also) removed but other drive virus not removed yet see the below screenshots.

After formatting the "C" Drive all virus are removed?

No, If you format the "C" drive and install new operating system, but previous affected virus doesn't deleted!!! Because when the virus is spread to your system that virus was installed a autorun.inf file and a virus file.

What is autorun.inf file?
    autorun.inf file is not a virus, but it can open any executable (.exe) file or batch  (.bat) file with out users permission, most of the virus are created in batch file or executable format only.
This is not a virus but all virus can execute the help of this fie, when we double click on the localdisk (C,D,E,..) the virus is automatically affected to your Main memory. For Example see the following details

The following system format the "C Drive"and install new os but the previous affected virus didn't deleted yet we can check the virus was deleted or not and how to delete from the following images and steps

   Right Click your other drive and see that context menu, the first two three options are show differently, all type of virus not show like this some one show just like "open, autoplay" like this. These are created by the autorun program. Some virus are, when they were enter to your system the virus is create a virus and autorun.inf file.  

1) After formatting the c drive, (Don't open any drive or files). Just right click on any one of your local disk (not C), If you see any unknown words or symbols that drive is affected by virus, we can remove it manually.

Right click on drive instead of open menu

2) (Don't Open any file or folder), Click on the "Folders" icon from the toolbar, select the Local disk (virus affected drive)

Open Folder without affecting virus

3) You can't able to see the virus here, because the virus is hidden and set their attribute to "System File", so we need to enable some option then only we can see the virus.

4) Go to Tools=>Folder Options=> Select "Show Hidden files and folders" and disable ' Hide protected Operating system files (Recommended)"

Enable the Virus hidden file

From the image
1) To enable the hidden files
2) To enable the system files
3) This is the virus file "SysAnti", (Virus name is not constant)
4) "AutoRun" this file is created by virus, because virus can't access the main memory without
executing the help of user, when the user double click on the local drive or pendrive ICON the autorun file was executed and the autorun file execute the virus "SysAnti.exe".
5) These are the user file hidden by virus or user
6) These are the system files, created by Operating system
5) We can open the autorun.inf file by clicking or entering the "autorun.inf" name to address bar

Autorun.inf virus program

From the above Image

1) Enter the 'autorun.inf' to the address bar and hit enter
2) This is the autorun program created by the virus

Explanation of the autorun.inf file
Line1: When user Double click on the local drive
Line2: Change the name of right click menu
Line3: Set to the command line
Line4: In menu 1st option select default (First item is BOLD)
Line5: Display the name "........"
Line6: When user click the second item this file will execute

When the above program execute from your local drive or pendrive, you can see like below

instead of open menu in my computer drive right click

6) After enabling the hidden system files and folder, simply select the virus and the autorun file and just hit delete button. Forced Delete => Shift+Delete (Without recycle bin)

Delete virus file

7) After deleting the files again delete these file from recycle bin

Virus on recyclebin

8) Now you can enjoy without virus SUCCESSSSSS


If you have any trouble about virus or any hardware or software problem just leave a comment. I will help you to solve your problem


  1. Is it possible to delete all kinds of viruses or only certain kind of viruses this way?

  2. any type of virus, we can't remove virus when they are running in your cpu... If you format your system, virus are stay IDL state only.. that time your can remove your virus using this methods....


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