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     In some situation, user no needs to do any action on the particular div, when the specific html element is not showing on the screen, so we have a option to find the specific html element is visible or not.

     The following javascript program will show to create a simple animation in canvas. Canvas is included in HTML5 technology and it will support all latest web browsers.

     First we have to create a canvas, using <canvas> tag and set the width and height for the canvas.

     In jQuery toggle() method is used to switch the display, show or hide, but here we don't have the method but we can do like below.

     In the following program is used to check given html element is found on the current document or not.

Determine Browser

      Detect the browser using jQuery, we need to import the "migrate" plugin with jQuery plugin. "$.browser" is used to find the browser version and browser type.



     The above $.browser method will return the object, this object is include all the details about the browser like, browser version, browser type.

     The following example is showing how to track the mouse current position on the div or whole page,  event.pageX and event.pageY is used to find the mouse x and y position.

     Most of the HTML part is working in Internet Explorer browser is different from other browsers like google chrome, firefox and etc. So we can specify the HTML block for the Internet explorer, also we can specific including with the Internet Explorer version. This only executed in Internet explorer browsers only.

     The following code are grab from Random post generator, here you can generate your own widget, in my sense I generate some code and show it for your blogger.

Try Blogger Random Post Generator

     The following example is shown how to create the news headlines one by one, like flash news. This code is fully created in javascript/jQuery.

     Decide which content should be come with role effect, and put the head lines inside the <div> tag like below
     The following color animation is created from pure javascript code, and <canvas> the animation is created in canvas. In the following animation we not used any external plugin and you can customize using our HTML editor.

     The following animation is created using, canvas and pure JavaScript Code.
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     The following animation code was tell you to create a simple canvas animation using only Javascript and CSS coding. This is fully control through mouse you can catch through and play, 2D animation.

     The animations are created inside the Canvas, canvas is the new technology including the HTML5 here can easy to create the animation.

     jQuery have some fade effects, they are show and hide a html element with some effects. The type are define below

  • fadeIn
  • fadeOut
  • fadeToggle
  • fadeTo

     oncopy event attribute is used to call a function or do any action while copy the text by using ctrl+C key or right click and press Copy menu.

     They oncopy can apply in text box, <div> tag, <img> tag, <p> tag and etc..

     IFrame is used to attach a web page inside the webpage. Source website can block the <iframe> request, for eg try to put "" you can't because cross origin error will display. This will set in the server settings. Also we can't able to access their functions, classes and all. If your Iframe content is same URL you can access.
     Classes are used to assign a style, or someone used for dynamic design. More than one HTML element contain same class name, but not in ID.

     Text overflow is used to when the text is over the div or other html element, and if it is set to "overflow:hidden" in css property, we can use this. When use this property, If the text are hidden it will indicate some text are hidden using three dots.

HTML have three types of lists they are

  1. Ordered List
  2. Unordered List
  3. Description List

List in HTML
     The following code is used to create the navigation bar, with mobile responsive, it will adjust the navigation bar when browsing on the mobile.

Drop down list in html

     The drop down list box is created using <select> and <option> tag.

<Table> Tag

     This tag is used to create the table by rows and columns, the <table> tag contain some important tag (<td>  and <tr>).

Image Link

     We can create integrate the image using <img> tag and we can create the link using <a> tag, we can create the image link using these both.

<img> Tag

     This tag is used to integrate the image with the HTML page, and it contain some attributes.

Multiple Image Upload

     In the following example we are checking the file size 100KB, if the upload file size is exceed 100KB then program won't allow user to upload the image. And if it is successfully uploaded we will show the success message.


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