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Anna University is one institution which has its wide spread branches all over Tamilnadu, in precise it’s a singular prestigious authority offering control over all the engineering colleges in the state of Tamil Nadu. Anna University offers affiliation to more than 500 engineering colleges in Chennai.
     The following method will help you to remember the 9th multiplication table very easy to remember it will help you to do your maths calculation easier.

Step 1:
     Write down the left side questions first like

1  x  9  =
2  x  9  =
3  x  9  =
4  x  9  =
5  x  9  =
6  x  9  =
7  x  9  =
8  x  9  =
9  x  9  =
10  x  9 =

Step 2:
     Write the numbers 0 to 9 in ascending order in answer park like below

1  x  9  =  0
2  x  9  =  1
3  x  9  =  2
4  x  9  =  3
5  x  9  =  4
6  x  9  =  5
7  x  9  =  6
8  x  9  =  7
9  x  9  =  8
10  x  9 =  9

Step 3:
     Write the numbers 0 to 9 in descending order

1  x  9  =  09
2  x  9  =  18
3  x  9  =  27
4  x  9  =  36
5  x  9  =  45
6  x  9  =  54
7  x  9  =  63
8  x  9  =  72
9  x  9  =  81
10  x  9 =  90

     We can draw the chart inside the canvas and set the margin size of the height or left or bottom or top space. For allocating margin space we can use the gutter keyword.

     You should enable the sequential, otherwise it show only one color and it will not match with keys(legend) color.
keys and data should be same length.

     In the following example we are creating the tooltip with highlighted column [Normal Tooltip], and in this example we need to import four RGraph related external js files.

     In RGraph chart you can change the grid color, the following example will explain it, here we are not allowed to enter the color name (like blue, red, green and etc...), only we can enter it to hex code the hex code are shown like #FFFFFF, #FF00FF and etc..

     You should assing the grid color using Hex code, ( here color code converter.
     The RGraph.led.js is used to create a text in LED display. Here you can write the text in LED light format.
     In this vertical progress bar chart is used needs two external js files. In these two plugin are imported from google drive because we don't have any hosting.

  • RGraph.common.core
  • RGraph.vprogress.js
     If we want to show the tooptip on RGraph you need to including RGraph.common.tooltips.js plugin, and in the following example we are import 4 Js files they are
  • RGraph.common.core
  • RGraph.common.dynamic.js
  • RGraph.common.tooltips.js

     In default settings, tooltips.highlight value is "true", it is used to height the column when click on the column, if you want to disable it you can set it to "false".
     This jQuery method is used to remove the parent element(Tag only).
     This jQuery method is used to insert new content or HTML element inside the selected html element.

     This jQuery method is used to insert new content or HTML element to the surrounding of the all selected content.
       This jQuery method is used to insert new content or HTML element to the surrounding of the selected content.

     For  creating horizontal progress bar chart in RGraph we need to import two external js plugin's one is RGraph.hprogress.js and RGraph.common.core we can create a simple animation or static chart. In the below example will explain to create the hprogress bar chart using rgraph also you can edit or add the value and see the instant output.

Digest cycle and $scope

     First and foremost, Angular defines a concept of a so called digest cycle. This cycle can be considered as a loop, during which Angular checks if there are any changes to all the variables watched by all the $scopes. So if you have $scope.myVar defined in your controller and this variable was marked for being watched, then you are implicitly telling Angular to monitor the changes on myVar in each iteration of the loop.

     In the following example we have write the very simplest example program for new angularjs developers, following program contain two controller, and we access the controller model from the scripting tag parts.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review and price     Samsung galaxy s6 mobile released on April 10 2015, and it is having more feature like wireless charging, fast charging and more extra features.


5.1 Quad HD Super AMOLED 2560 x 1440, 577 PPI, Touchscreen type is Capacitive

Camera Resulation

Selfi Camera Resolation - Front 5 Mega Pixel
Rear Camera 16 Mega Pixel

Fast Charging
10 Minutes charge you can use upto 4hours of battery life, built in wireless charging capabilities.

Lightning  fast 64bit, Octa-core processor

3GB RAM so its speed is high.

wifi 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac

SIM Type
Nano SIM

This mobile supports 3G and 4G networks.

Micro USB

Java supported

Operating System
Android 5.0

Internal Storage - 32GB


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