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      The controller properties is used to assign a value from inside the function and access it from html using ng-bind or "{{}}" directive.
    "ng-repeat" is used to repeat the HTML element.
     Array is used to store information as rows and columns. Array index value is start from zero(0).
AngularJS Array
       AngularJS objects are such as JavaScript objects. Objects are used to store more details using a single variable.
        We can assign value to a variable, using "ng-init" directive and access the variable through "ng-bind" or {{ }} directive.
     The whole AngularJS applications are controlled by the controllers. Controller are defined in "ng-controller" directive.
  ng-bind and {{expressions}} are the same meaning. The calculate automatically if write the expressions within the {{ and }} brace.
      If you want to make your page HTML 5 valid, then you need to use "data-ng-" insted of ng-
    ng-init - directive is used to initialize the AngularJS application variable. It will load on html tag load time.

      AngularJS is the JavaScript Framework, This framework library is written in javascript. This framework is include using the <script> tag.

   AngularJS includes ng-directives along with HTML

 This directive is define as AngularJS application

 This directive is used to bind the value of the HTML controls to application data such as input,select,textarea

 This directive is used to bind the application data to HTML view.

  If you write the code without using "ng-app" that will execute as normal HTML Language.AngularJS need to import a external js file. The online url link is

    The following design is free to use and you can download, through the below download link. This calculator design is purely designed by css and html.
    This will not work, only it is the design, after download this developer can customizing and write the code to work.

      If you have never had any programming, Algebra, or scripting experience, then the concept of variables might be a new concept to you. A detailed explanation of variables is beyond the scope of this tutorial, but we have included a refresher crash course to guide you.

      A variable is a means of storing a value, such as text string "Hello World!" or the integer value 4. A variable can then be reused throughout your code, instead of having to type out the actual value over and over again. In PHP you define a variable with the following form:

$variable_name = Value;

      If you forget to put dollar sign at the beginning, it won't work. This is a common mistake for all new PHP programmers.

A Quick Variable Example

      Say that we wanted to store the values that we talked about in the above paragraph. How would we go about doing this? We would first want to make a variable name and set that equal to the value we want. see the below example

PHP Code:
    $hello = "Hello World!";
    $a_number = 4;
    $anotherNumber = 8;

   Note for programmers: PHP does not require variables to be declared before being initialized.

PHP Variable Naming Conventions

    There are a few rules that you need to follow when choosing a name for your PHP variables.
  • variables should start with a letter or underscore "_"
  • variables may only be comprised of alpha-numeric characters and underscores.A-Z, 0-9, a-z,  or _(underscore)
  •  Variables with more than one word must be separated with underscores. $phpvariable 
  •  Variables with more than one word can also be distinguished with capitalization. $phpVariable

    Below is an example of one of the easiest PHP and HTML page that you can create and still follow web standards.

PHP and HTML Code:

    <title>PHP and HTML program</title>
        echo "HTML and PHP program Hello World!";

HTML and PHP program Hello World!

    If you save this file and place it on PHP enabled server and load it up in your web browser, then you should see "Hello World!" displayed. If not, please check that you followed our example correctly.
     We used the PHP function echo to write "Hello World!" and we will be talking in greater depth about this PHP function and many others later on in this tutorial.

Step 1: 

Have the Folder you want to put the background on open!

Step 2:

Open the Notepad or notepad++ or any other editor, then simply paste in the below code:
iconarea_image=***Directory of the file!***\***file name with extension!***

Step 3: 

Go to your picture (the picture you want to use!) and right click and select
properties and find the file location for example lets say my file is in "my hard disk drive" it
would be located at "C:\\" drive copy that file location!

Step 4: 

Now go back to your text file (notepad) and where it says ***Directory of the file*** paste the location... you copied in the previus step!

Step 5: 

Now after u've done that where it says ***file name with extension*** type the name
of the file including the  .bip .bmp  .jpg .jpeg etc

Step 6: 

Save the text file as "desktop.ini" be sure to remember the .ini
extension! click Save as "All Files" not "Text file" and save the file in the
folder where u want the background to be!
Now just close the folder and open it again it should show the picture as a

change Background image

     All hyper links having 4 properties they are Link, Visited, Hover and Active.
Link style in css

Operator priority in mathematical equation

Can you calculate the below example?

   Usually how much of time take for multiply three 3 x 3 digits? it should take at least 1minutes or greater.  But we have a tricks to solve it with in 6seconds.

    It is very easy but you need to remember small algorithm that is explained below details.

Old Method
Old Multiplication method

     A structure allows you to create your own custom data types and it contains one or more
members that can be of different data types. It can contain fields, methods, etc.

    Structures are very similar to classes but there are some restrictions present in the case of
structures that are absent in the case of classes. For example you cannot initialize
structure members. Also you cannot inherit a structure whereas classes can be inherited.
Another important feature of structures differentiating it from classes is that a structure
can't have a default parameter-less constructor or a destructor. A structure is created on
the stack and dies when you reach the closing brace in C# or the End structure in

   But one of the most important differences between structures and classes is that structures
are referenced by value and classes by reference. As a value type, allocated on the stack,
structs provide a significant opportunity to increase program efficiency. Objects on the
stack are faster to allocate and de-allocate. A struct is a good choice for data-bound
objects, which don’t require too much memory. The memory requirements should be
considered based on the fact that the size of memory available on the stack is limited than
the memory available on the heap.
Thus we must use classes in situations where large objects with lots of logic are required.

Struct – Code: Sample code showing the Class vs. Structures

using System;
class Test
    int classvar ;
    int anothervar =20;
    public Test ( )
        classvar = 28;
    public static void Main()
        Test t = new Test();
        ExampleStruct strct = new ExampleStruct(20);
        strct.i = 10;


struct ExampleStruct
    public int i;
    public ExampleStruct(int j)
        i = j;
    public void trialMethod()
        System.Console.WriteLine("Inside Trial Method");

Inside Trial Method

     There are times when we may want a property to be read-only – such that it can’t be
This is where read-only properties come into the picture. A Read Only property is one
which includes only the get accessor, no set accessor.

public readOnly int empid
        return empid;

    Similar to read-only properties there are also situations where we would need
something known as write-only properties. In this case the value can be changed
but not retrieved. To create a write-only property, use the WriteOnly keyword and
only implement the set block in the code as shown in the example below.

public writeOnly int e
        e = value


Get accessor

The execution of the get accessor is equivalent to reading the value of the field.
The following is a get accessor that returns the value of a private field name:

private string name; // the name field
public string Name // the Name property
        return name;

Set accessor

     The set accessor is similar to a method that returns void. It uses an implicit parameter
called value, whose type is the type of the property. In the following example, a set
accessor is added to the Name property:

public string Name
        return name;
        name = value;

When you assign a value to the property, the set accessor is invoked with an argument
that provides the new value. For example:
e1.Name = "Reshmi"; // The set accessor is invoked here
It is an error to use the implicit parameter name (value) for a local variable declaration in
a set accessor.



      Overloading provides the ability to create multiple methods or properties with the same
name, but with different parameters lists. This is a feature of polymorphism. A simple
example would be an addition function, which will add the numbers if two integer
parameters are passed to it and concatenate the strings if two strings are passed to it.

using System;
public class test
    public int Add(int a , int b)
        return(a + b);
    public string Add(String a, String b )
        return (a + b);
    public static void Main()
        test x = new test ();
        int y;
        String z;
        y = x.Add(1, 2);
        z = x.Add("Merbin", " Joe");

Merbin Joe


      Class inheritance causes the methods and properties present in the base class also to be
derived into the derived class. A situation may arise wherein you would like to change
the functionality of an inherited method or property. In such cases we can override the
method or property of the base class. This is another feature of polymorphism.

public abstract class sample
    public abstract void display()
public class square: sample
    public override void display()
        Console.WriteLine("This is a square");
public class rectangle:sample
    public override void display()
        Console.WriteLine("This is a rectangle");


Simple Types (Primitive Data types)

   Simple or value type variables are those, which are assigned space in the stack instead of
the heap. All the primitive types such as int, double etc are value type variables. The
simple types basically consist of Boolean and Numeric types, where Numeric is further
divided into Integral and Floating Point.
The first rule of value types is that they cannot be null. Anytime you declare a variable of
value type, you have allocated the number of bytes associated with that type on the stack
and are working directly with that allocated array of bits. In addition, when you pass a
variable of value type, you are passing that variable’s value and not a reference to the
underlying object.

Object Type

Object type or reference type variables are those, which are allocated storage space in the
heap. Reference type objects can be null. When a reference type is allocated under the
covers a value is allocated on the heap and a reference to that value is returned. There are
basically four reference types: classes, interfaces, delegates and arrays.

Class Type

Custom data types are available in .NET framework in the form of classes or class type. It
is nothing but a set of data and related behavior that is defined by the developer.
Object type and class type are both reference type variables. The only difference comes
from the fact that object type consists of objects predefined and available with the .NET
framework such as string whereas class type consists of custom user defined data types
such as the class employee given below.


 class employee
  int empid;
  string empname;
  public employee()
     empid = 10;
     empname = “Reshmi”;


Typing practices

Typing is the very important when we have using the system, every one needs to type speed then only you can shine in the world. If you have very talent in programming or other and you don't have the knowledge in typing then that is very insulting from other people. So you should need to learn the typing. Her you have 13 lesions and live image view for user understanding.
   In this tutorial we are learn about css background animation without any javascript or jQuery. This animation purely created from css coding and in here we have to used four div tag and three images.

   The three images in .png format then only we can animate without white blank space. You can edit and run this program instantly by using my html live editor. No Redirect is there.

Example Program:- (Editor)



Screen Shots:-
Css background animation

    In the below example we are going to see the model popup window, this is purely created using CSS only (no javascript or jQuery).
    The popup is called by two link button (<A> tag), and its href is assigned by another id, the id contain some css property's and <div> , <p> and <a> tag for close the popup window. See the below example, you can edit it and see the output instantly by using my HTML live editor.

Example Program:- (Editor)



Screen Shots:-
Model popup using css

Who need this?
   This extension is very useful to HTML or CSS developer or learner, because you can write the html program left side and Get the program output on the other side instantly (If you enable the "Auto Submit" Checkbox)

 Real Time output
    If you enable the "Auto Submit" checkbox you can get the instant output, when you typing on the left side. Otherwise after enter the code you need press the "Submit Changes" Button. "Reset button" is used to restore the first installed code.
 Code Line Number
    You can see the number of lines for the corresponding code. So you can able to get the size of the code easier.

    The marker is used to mark the position of the line, may be you need to remember some lines, in that situation you can put the marker.

 Last Output
    Your last output will be store automatically in your browser. This is not temporary storage, after restart your system also you can able to see the final code.

 Tag Alignment
    Your HTML or CSS code will be align automatically, so your code will appear in clear view and you can able to identify your mistakes easier.

    Color's apply automatically opening tag and closing tag, also the attributes different color's.

 Style Tag
    Style tag also supported, write your class's on style tag and applied it to your div or other HTML elements.




Screen Shot:-
HTML offline real Time output style tag

    In this animation I am using CSS jQuery and HTML <div> tag and <a> tag. All the animations are control from css and jQuery. In here jQuery is used to just add the class to the div in specific delay. CSS mainly using keyframe and transform properties.
   See the below code and output.

Example Program:- (Editor)



Screen Shots:-

jQuery Graph Animation


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