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     The image given below is the egg laid by an ordinary hen which is 6.3 centimeters wide and 9.2 cm long and weighs 201 grams three times heavier than an ordinary egg.

   The  Biggest chicken egg was laid by a hen in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province.It looks like any other chicken egg, except that its shell is a bit rough. 

 Photo: The Biggest chicken egg and an ordinary chicken egg

     Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft and is included in Windows 10Windows 10 MobileXbox One, and Windows Holographic, replacing Bing as the default web browser on all device classes.

We can easily change Bing to google or any other search engine by following the simple steps given below.

Step 1:
 First go to in the browser. For setting google as the default search engine you must visit  it atleast once.For any other search engine you have to open that search engine url atleast once.

     If you bought a new or second handed  motherboard, it may not have a proper driver software. It will be very difficult to find the suitable driver software. This post will be helpful to find the suitable driver software like sound driver, video driver, chip set driver and all motherboard related softwares.

     In your computer just open the comment prompt(Window key + R => cmd=> enter) and type the following command.

     In the following tools is used for generate your customized random post widgets for your blogger.

     We can easy to extract the timezone from current system time using javascript by the following code.

     This post shares some useful information about the WebView. We will see how to create a new WebView and how to load a html code into the newly created WebView in android. In the previous post we saw about creating WebView in android studio.

In case if you missed it please click here

WebView is a view that display web pages inside an application. We can also specify html string and can show it inside your application using WebView. WebView turns your application to a web application.

To load a html code into a WebView use the following code

Code to load html code directly into WebView
String html = "<html><body>This is the test webview</body></html>";
String mime = "text/html";
String encoding = "utf-8";

     In this tutorial we are going to learn about the android button and every state (pressed,focused and normal) of an image when placed on that button.

1) First create a new project in android studio more details...

     In the following javascript code is used to create the html img tag dynamically and append it to the specified div in a loop.

Create Image tag using javacript
     Usually we are directly create the html tag in the html code, but if you want to create this img tag dynamically you can follow the below code.

   var img = document.createElement("img");
   img.src = "";

   var src = document.getElementById("elementid");

Set multiple images in a loop
     If you want to add only one image, you can follow the above method. If you want to append more images dynamically you can follow the below method.

Example Program:- (Editor)

Editor is Loading...


     Webview is a tool in android studio and it is used to load html or website to mobile, through this we can easy to create the android application through html,css and javascript code.

1) First create a new project in android studio more details...

1) Open Android studio, then find the File option from the menu bar and go to New => New Project.

2) Now one new dialog box is open and ask the project details Application name, Company Domain and project location.

Application name
     No need to enter unique name compare with playstore, this name is displayed under the application icon.

Application name for android project
Company Domain
     It must be unique compare between the google play store (If you created the name and the same name already in playstore it won't show any error message, but in publishing time it will show a error).

Unique id in play store

Project Location
     It will automatically take the previous project path, if you want the same path no need to change it, or you can change.

Application directory

3) Then press Next button
     In this window select the minimum target SDK ,wear, TV, and Android auto.

Minimum SDK
     Here you can select the minimum required android os version.

Choose Minimum SDK target version

     This mean is this application support wearable android device or not (If yes then check or uncheck it).

Wearable android device or not

Wearable device

Android TV
     It will indicate this application is applicable for Android TV.

Android TV android studio

Android tv os

Android auto
Android auto

4) Click next in this dialog box, you can find some template, if you want any templates from there you can select otherwise select "Blank Activity".

Blank Activity in android studio new project

5) Click next and enter the activity name, layout name, title and menu resource name, you can change it or leave it and just press finish button.

Final of the new project window

 6) Click Finish. Now you can write your code here.

If you want to set the SDK path  directly you can set it to in like below

sdk.dir=D\:\\Program Files\\Android Studio\\SDK

If you want to set the NDK path  directly you can set it to in like below

NDK directory set in

We can set the path by selecting folder by using the below method. After open the android studio press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S

Select NDK SDK and JDK directly from tools

     Usually the identity field does not allow the user to edit, when you right click on the table and select Edit.

     But we can edit edit this column through query. Through query we can temporary on the identity insert. Remember after edit the column you should off it, if not you cannot able to edit the identity field on other tables.


   INSERT Table_Name(IdentityColumnName, Col1,Col2) VALUES (54,value1,value2)


     Some situation user need to trigger the postback dynamically from client side using javascript or jQuery. In this situation you can follow this method.

Asp Button

<asp:Button ID="dmypbbtn" runat="server" OnClick="dmycall" style="display:none;" />
javascript code

jQuery Code


     When you trigger the click function like the above format, the server side dmycall method will call with serverside postback.
     We can pass the argument to onclick serverside function using CommandArgument attribute like below.

Asp Code

   <asp:Button id="bid" CommandArgument="456" runat="server" OnClick="passvalue" />

serverside code (.cs)

    protected void passvalue(object sender, EventArgs e)
        LinkButton btn = (LinkButton)(sender);
        String testval = btn.CommandArgument; //Returns 456
     We can pass the arguments(values) to onclick serverside function using CommandArgument attribute. Here we send the value using the same way of single value passing, but every values are separated by comma and from serverside we can split into unique data value.

Asp Button

   <asp:Button id="bid" CommandArgument="456,Rajesh" runat="server" OnClick="passvalue" />

serverside code (.cs)

    protected void passvalues(object sender, EventArgs e)
        LinkButton btn = (LinkButton)(sender);
        String fullvalue = btn.CommandArgument;   //"456,Rajesh"

        String[] args= fullvalue.Split(new char[] { ',' });
        int mark = Convert.ToInt32(args[0]);   //Returns 456
        string name = args[1];     //Returns "Rajesh"
     The following animation created using pure css and html code no javascript.

     If you want to know if the dropdown change function is calling from human click change or call on dynamically change. You can use the following example.
     Consider one situation I need to pass some data to sql using linq to sql, so I am created and object for dbml and send the values through it. But it show some error, we can easy to identify the error while give the value directly to the method, so we can find the data type mismatch error.

Parameter error in c#

     Usually some one checking all the radio button(checked or not) one by one and get the selected radio button value. But we can get the radio button value in a single line using jquery.

asp Radio button

    <asp:RadioButtonList ID="Rbtn_ModeSetBy" runat="server">
        <asp:ListItem Value="0">All Employees</asp:ListItem>
        <asp:ListItem Value="1">Grade</asp:ListItem>
        <asp:ListItem Value="2">Job Title</asp:ListItem>
        <asp:ListItem Value="3">Employment Status</asp:ListItem>

jQuery Code

   var val =$('[id*="<%=Rbtn_ModeSetBy.ClientID%>"]').find('input:checked').val();
     I am a customer of hatsun curd. I brought two hutsun curd for my 1year baby, but it was defected and have some bad smell so I thought it reached the expiry date, but 5days left for expiry. So please don't brought, mainly for baby's. I saw the defect, if I not seen then? I can't think about it. I attached some screen shot below please seen it and don't brought it for your baby's.

     In the following code is used to create a simple notepad, used to enter the text and apply bold,italic and underline style.

     In the following example,we can easy to move the list box item up and down using javascript code.
     The following example code will help you to select all or deselect all the items from list box using javascript code.
     In some situation user have chance to wrongly press back, close or reload button in browser, if we want to show any waning message we can use the onbeforeunload event.

In this example we are increase the edge-collision-detection restitution value.
     In this example each and every objects are interacting with other objects, this edge detection is automatically calculating.
     In this example each and every objects are interacting with other objects, this edge detection is automatically calculating.
     We can use variables in css. CSS Variables are entities defined by authors, or users, of Web pages to contain specific values throughout a document. They are set using custom properties and are accessed using a specific functional notation var().

                                               ULLAKAI ARUVI WATERFALLS


                        Ulakkai Aruvi is a wonderful falls on Pazhayar, near its birthplace. It is so named as it looks like a wooden utensil fit as a fiddle of hour glass. Left Keeripara in our WagonR with Senthil, a domain chief based at Keeripara, who is extremely acquainted with the part. Hit Thadikarakonam and took left for Azhagiapandiapuram along SH 45 of Tamil Nadu. Short stop at Azhagiapandiapuram for get-together light eatables and entered the restricted street to one side, coordinated towards the Western Ghats is the course from Trivandrum.


                      Ulakkai Aruvi is a natural waterfall located  in Azhagiapandipuram town. Water is accessible in this water fall even in the summer season. Numerous vacationers come here for showering and to appreciate the nature. The pathway to this waterfall lies in the Reserve Forest. So you get the exceptionally immaculate air and the spot is pin drop quiet.It is located at a distance of 40 Km from Kanyakumari. Ullakaruvi falls is around 35 km from Kanyakumari town and around 17 km 

from Nagercoil town, close Azhakiyapandiapuram town. The falls is up in the center of woods slopes  which can be achieved just by foot from the base of the slopes. A hour's trek from the base of the slopes is through rough, forested region, which is exciting in itself. (On a crisp morning, one can see the waterfalls from the base of the slopes through stripped eye, or far and away superior through binoculars/zoom lens). It is a lovely waterfall and it draws in extensive number of voyagers. 

In Tamil "Ullakarvi" truly signifies 'Ullakai + Aruvi' 'all inclusive falls'. Ullakai is an apparatus which utilized for expelling the skin from the crude rice. The name of the fall is 

"Ullakai" in light of the fact that the water will fall on our head like 'Ullakai'.Likewise in the top locale of the Rock there is a spot where the water falls on a wooden bar which is inside a round rock. It would appear that a 'Ullakai'. Along these lines the waterfall got its name.There are two falls. They are the lower falls and the higher falls. The water is essentially spring water, from the slopes close-by. The lower part of the waterfalls and the spot one spans after the trek. This is a decent excursion spot. The perspective from this spot of the greenery underneath the slopes is invigorating. A cool shower here can unwind sooth our heart. The water here is cool notwithstanding amid the hot months, in spite of the fact that the water stream is less amid the late spring months. To achieve the Higher falls, one needs to move around 200 meters tough. Solid individuals alone are suggested to visit the 'higher falls'.



By Road:

Kanyakumari -----> Nagercoil -----> Puthery ----->Thittuvilai -----> Azhagiyapandiyapuram ----->Perunthalaikadu.
Till Perunthalaikadu, there is road network.From Perunthalaikadu,you have to trek for about 3 Kms inside the
forest to reach the falls.

By Train:

Nearest Railway station: Nagercoil.

By Airport:

Nearest Airport: Trivandrum
     You can find the type of the device using javascript, for example your website If you want to hide some features in particular device you can use this code. From this code you can find what type of device is it like Android, Windows Phone, ipod, ipad, iphone, chrome or firefox and etc..

     Usually we will two values from dropdown list one is option value and option text, but in some situation we need to get more values from dropdown options using jQuery.
     Usually we will two values from dropdown list one is option value and option text, but in some situation we need to get more values from dropdown options.
     In the following code will get the image or any types of files from input type="file" html tag and convert the selected file into 64bit data url. The data url can use directly in the browser address bar.

The speed vary depending on the selected file size.

     Big numbers can write using the below format in javascript.


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