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     truncate class is used to when the div content is overflow the div size, it will remove the overflow text and it it will place three dots.
     We can hide the content depends by the device size or device, for this we can use the following classes.

hide => hide for all device.
hide-on-small-only => hide for all mobile device.
hide-on-med-only => hide for only tablet.
hide-on-med-and-down => hide on tablet and mobile device.
hide-on-med-and-up => hide on tablet and above (like desktop).
hide-on-large-only => hide only on desktop device.
     We can align the text simply by using class name. The class name are very easy to remember and apply.

Left Align    => left-align
Right Align  => right-align
Center Align => center-align
     We can separate the columns depends on the device, mobile, system or tablets. The following example will explain you to separate the columns.

Example Program:- (Editor)

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     To set the precision of floating point number we can use this method, we can set how many degits come after the dot(.).

     This is the very important and basics of sql server, we can create the table in two way. We can discuss it in the following.

Creating table method
1) Create table using query
2) Create table using options
     Many of the website store their passwords in cookie files, and this is stored in the local computer so we can view the passwords.

One can view the saved passwords in browsers. Follow the below steps to find password in browser:

     In the world most of the peoples using smart phone, and it have many feature like free softwares in the market user friendly and etc. But at the same time we have a chance to affecting our health if you are buying bad SAR level smartphone.

     Some smartphone produce high level SAR(rendition), it will affect your brain and body health, may have a chance to get cancer.

     Windows OS support remove the image after set up the same image on the desktop, because when you set the image is wallpaper it will store to the system drive and the desktop image is displaying from different location, so you can remove the original source image.

     Some one needs after remove the image from the original path, so the following tutorial we are looking to retrieve the desktop wallpaper image.


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