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  The following animation is designed by allinworld99 and it will free to use. you can see the output and download by using the below Download Full source Code Link.

Paper cutting Animation
    HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. It is a simple programming language. It is a case insensitive and easy to learn programming language.

Html is used to design web can create simple does not support graphical interface but supports implementation of images or other uses predefined tags enclosed with in angular brackets. A wide range of tags are supported by html and each serve a different function.
How it works 

Html programs are written with a specified format. To represent a bold letter or a letter with large fonts appropriate tags are used which are interpreted by the browser to change it to a page. Unlike other languages html is dead easy that a person can learn basics with in hours.html has two main parts in it.a starting tag always ends with a “/” when it ends.

Head section
Body section

Head section
This portion acts as starting portion and only has a title bar.
Body section
This is the main part of the displays data in the web page represented in the program.

Example Program:-
     <title>Title of website</title>
 This is the body part

The following editor can edit the program and see the output instantly without storing your local system.

HTML code

QR barcode generator

Barcode is an optical representation of data that only a machine can read. They represent data by using lines with varying width. These types of barcode are called one dimensional barcode or linear is used extensible in commercial market products for checkout. Barcodes are of two types One dimensional(linear) Two dimensional(Q R-quick response) One dimensional These are the ones you see in books and other products .They are simple and hold details of the product. The width of the lines represent the data in the code and can be read by a device Two dimensional These code are far more complex than the 1-d code and can contain up to 4000 characters.These codes contain the following components Finder pattern Alignment pattern pattern of square The code is scanned to revealitsdata. During scanning the reader has to find the arrangement of squares, direction of facing and the angle of scanning. A“Q R” code can still function even a part of it is damaged because they have a margin of error. As the “Q R” codes are complex the device and the software used to scan is also more complex. Two dimensional codes have been evolved so much and there are more types of codes like data matrix which can hold more data in a much smaller space Uses As you know barcodes are nowadays used in a wide array of fields like product details product price, links to web pages links to application patient identification in hospitals etc… QR Code Generator
   We can integrate the blogger post with facebook twitter linkedin and automatically when you create a post in blogger. we can use it through Blogger post integration website.

     The following technique is used to create the copyright bar for website or blog like blogger,WordPress, typepad and etc...

Step 1:
   First go to 

Copyrigh bar creator for website blog

   First we need to create a form with "Choose File" button, "Caption" textbox and "Upload" button. Create the table for saving file name and caption.

php Image Upload
     Javascript is a client side program, it will handle by the browser. JavaScript is an object oriented programming language that is used in web pages to create interactive contents in web pages. JavaScript is a dynamic language and is a part of web browser.


Online PDF Creator

The following tools is used to Convert your HTML file to pdf file, you have two option to convert, you can download the file or open from your browser directly. Here you can convert text and some of the following html tags are supported.
Convert to PDF
Color Picker
  The color picker is used to select the color from the color panel and can adjust the color darkness.

  You need to download integrate the following js files and one css file.

 colpick.js => this file is created for color picker functionality and actions.
 colpick.css => This file is used to give the style for the color picker.

If you want to display the color picker panel when you click on a text box your code should be like below.

jquery Color Picker

Character Count

  The following application is used for count the entered character, copy paste or enter the character in the following text box you can able to see the count of the character left side.

Character count

css play button

In the following css code we are used 6 div tag and some css code.

Css 3D Play Button
The following META tag generator is only for blogger. Meta tags are small coding statement. They contain description about the content. They provide detailed explanation on the content. They provide a website with increased traffic. Unlike other tags they do not affect the appearance of the content but it deals with the information on things like description of content, author, update, keywords etc.

Blogger meta tag genarator
Deskpins for windows operating system
  Deskpins allow you to keep any windows on top, this is called always on topThis is mainly used, when you want to use more than one window to work, for example if you want to type some words from another window then we can use.

Options of Deskpins:

Deskpins change color options
Blogger Full SEO Meta Code
  The following Meta code will improve your traffic rating, the following code will include your facebook, twitter, Google+,Description, Title and etc...

Blogger meta full tags
HTML / CSS / Javascript Formatter The following tool will use to align your unformatted html , css , c or json code to Formatted code. It will show user friendly and user understandable code.

3D Button

  The following button is created using <a> tag. You can edit and see the instant output by using our below HTML editor

Change the following text and use to your website or blogger.
3D Slide Button

Pure CSS buttons

  The following buttons are purely created using css code, 7 types of buttons are there each and every buttons have different style and colors. Also you can edit and see your changes instantly by using our HTML live editor.

Magic CSS Button

Before After Prepend Append

  The following properties are used to insert any content , anywhere of your webpage.

jQuery append before after prepend

3D animation

  The following animation is created using paperjs jQuery plugin, you can edit the following jquery code.

The following line is used to change the animation style try to change 360 to 70 .
3D animation

Drop down menu

  The following drop down menu fully created using pure css, also you can able to use blogger. If you want to add more menu or customize by the following code.

Drop down menu
jQuery Effects
  jQuery Effefts are used to apply some animation for a particular div or other HTML elements, 15 types of effects are here they are

Types Of jQuery Effects

  • Blind
  • Bounce
  • Clip
  • Drop
  • Explode
  • Fade
  • Fold
  • Highlight
  • Puff
  • Pulsate
  • Scale
  • Shake
  • Size
  • Slide
  • Transfer
Explode Effect jQuery

CSS Transition

The following program will show the transition effect, you can copy or edit the following code. If you want to apply some changes then you can edit the program and get the program output instantly by using our HTML live editor.

Shake Effect

  You can use the following code for entering wrong password or instead of warning message.
Login Error Shake Effect

Angularjs create table

  In Angularjs we can create table from json object very easily without using more <td> and <tr> tags. Just we need to put the ng-repeat in the <tr> tag.

AngularJS Table

Color Transparent

   The following example is shown how to create color transaction and create a ball.

Transition using css in hover effect

Card flip animation

  The following animation is mostly used for image and video website.

Image Card Flip Animation

Classical animation css

  The following animation is mainly used to creating banner for your website, you the following program is totally crated using pure css, so don't worry about page loading speed. It should be higher than normal animated image.
Clasical effect
      The Following Table generator is used to create a html table with css effects (eg: onhover and more effects). Here you have some default theme and you can customize it. Also you can add more table row and columns.
Online HTML Table Genarator
       This editor is used to wire and get output instantly for your program. All client side programs are supported to write and get the output like website. Here you can write the following coding 1.HTML 2.Javascript 3.jQuery 4.AngularJS 5.CSS 6.All ClientSide programs
HTML Online Live editor


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