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CSS3 3D awesome button

     The following 3D button is fully created in CSS3 and we are not used any javascript or jQuery or any other plugins, so you can modify and view the output instantly using our live HTML editor.

     The following code is used to create a 2D and 3D wave animation, this will created inside the canvas html5 technology and full source code are free to download.

2D and 3D wave animation

Icy Purple Head

     Do you wanna to go to the south too? Then choose this game and help this purple creature go there. When you hold the mouse, he will become icy and slide over any obstacle. Use different objects and set the best record of the game. Enjoy it.

Icy Purple Head


     This game will let you sink into a strange world where you will be surrounded by a variety of creatures and obstacles. Your main task is to kill all the benders. Use wind, fire, lightning, meteors. Do everything to make them disappear!

Airbender 2 Flash Game

Fishdom frosty

     The following flash game is one of the top most people playing puzzle game, actually this is the color matching game but every color matching you should need to think about the next move then only you can won this game. Think and Play Won Good Luck.

fishdom-frosty Flash Game

Telerik Grid Values

     Telerik is the third party tool for binding grid, date, time, calendar and etc. In telerik grid we can access the data while bind using "OnRowDataBound " command and when we do a action like page number or other that time the "OnCommand" function is executed.
     If want to access the Telerik data after bind, refer the below example

Telerik Grid

Simple Grid Binding Example

       The following example is bind data into grid from client side program without using SQL result set.

Telerik Grid Biding

Bind value using Javascript/jQuery

Configure Microsoft Outlook

     Outlook is the Microsoft product, and this is used to see the email offline/online, this will save your email in your system folder. First we need to configure you email address with outlook then only we can able to use this.

Import Front file
     To apply different fonts usually we are using "font-family" css property, but if we want to use another font from file (.ttf). We need to write @font-face media query.

Support File Format

  1. TTF/OTF
  2. WOFF
  3. WOFF2
  4. SVG
  5. EOT

Dynamically change the Title bar using javascript / jQuery

     The following example will teach you to change your title bar text dynamically, for example in facebook, linkedin and etc website are shown, new updates count in title bar. If you want to do this same on your website, grab the following code.

     Your HTML page should contain title tag already, then only we can access the title bar and change the value dynamically.

Where to write click event for dynamic html element?

     If you are write jQuery click event for ID before creating or append that ID on the page it will show undefined error, because that click event will not initialize to the memory.

SQL query to get week start date and end date from Given Date

     If you want to find the start and end of the week for given date, you can use the following query.

select dateadd(day, (1-datepart(dw, getdate())), getdate()) CurrentWeekStart
select DateADD(DAY,6,dateadd(day, (1-datepart(dw, getdate())), getdate())) CurrentWeekEnd


Go Home Ball 2

     Red ball fans can't wait to guide this one along the way. Use the items to provide a smooth journey for the red ball and if you fail, you sure need some physics lessons!

Bubble Shot

     Bubble shot game, point out your bubble on top side, every three set will be fell down and it will converted to your point.

SQL pagination example

     When we are bind the grid with pagination should we need to control both side (client side and server side).
     For example if we have 100 rows and need to display 20 rows per page, so we should calculate the pagination from total count and limit, total count will get from procedure. Like below

select * from( 
select row_number() over(order by RegisterNumber desc) as RowNum,* from(
select COUNT(*) over() as Totalcount,EmployeeName,RegisterNumber from clg_tb_student
)x)xx where xx.RowNum>@startIndex and  xx.RowNum<=@endIndex

     In the above procedure, If the @startIndex is 0 and @endIndex is 10 then the procedure will return only 10 records and the count column field will tell you the total count of your records.

SQL Pagination

Easy method to applying your existing procedure

     consider the below is your existing procedure
select * from .............

Remove the select and just copy and paste the following code to above of your existing code.
select * from(  
select row_number() over(order by RegisterNumber desc) as RowNum,* from(
select COUNT(*) over() as count,

select * from(  
select row_number() over(order by RegisterNumber desc) as RowNum,* from(
select COUNT(*) over() as count,
* from .............

Copy and paste the following code to below of the modified code
)x)xx where xx.RowNum>@startIndex and  xx.RowNum<=@endIndex

select * from(  
select row_number() over(order by RegisterNumber desc) as RowNum,* from(
select COUNT(*) over() as count,
* from .............
)x)xx where xx.RowNum>@startIndex and  xx.RowNum<=@endIndex

Get the result set from another store procedure

     In some situation we need to join a table with another store procedure result, in this situation you can use the following steps.
exec emp_sp_HeadCount_Department 2;

     The above line will display following output.

Transparent Image Converter

     This software is used to convert your Image to transparent (*. png) image, so you no need spend more time in Photoshop or other software, here you can easily to create the transparent background.


  1. Select the color and convert it to transparent background.
  2. Manually adjust the Threshold level
  3. You can covert two different color to transparent using Reconvert option.
  4. Change the original size to any size.
  5. Fixed option is convert the image to exactly you given size.
 Available Versions
Download Transparent Image Converter 1.0
Download Transparent Image Converter 1.1

Download Using Softpedia
Download Using Freewarefiles

Step 1:
     Install the downloaded application and open, this will appear like below. In there many options are in disabled mode, because avoid confusions. First you load a image after only the disabled controls will enable depend on your action.

Transparent Image converter 1.0

Step 2:
     Select your image, drag to window or select your image using Select Image button

Transparent Image converter 1.0

Step 3:
     After select the image you need to select the color, which want to remove. In the given below image we are choosing blue color for convert to transparent area, also we are show the Hex value of the color under the selected color title.

Transparent Image converter 1.0

Step 4:
     Now just press the preview button, or adjust the Threshold level slider bar, this will increase the color mode so when we increase the slider bar, it will select and convert the most possible selected color.

Transparent Image converter 1.0

Step 5:
     If you want to remove the yellow color again, just press the <<Reconvert button, so the converted image will appear in the first box, now you can select the yellow color and adjust the Threshold level.

Transparent Image converter 1.0

     Now you can choose the yellow color and adjust the level (From Step 3)

Step 6:
     You can customize the size.

Transparent png converter , remove background
     If you want to customize the size just enable the Custom Size button, and specify your width and height of the image (If you checked the Fixed button, exact size or max width and max height).

Step 7:
     Finally save your image.

Transparent Image converter 1.0

Freeware Transparent Image Converter 1.0 Download

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Developed By
Transparent Image Converter Developer author
     This software was developed by Merbin Joe T, and I am from India. Now I am working as developer in Technopark. This Transparent Image Converter 1.0 is totally freeware, anyone can use without a license and the next version will publish with more features and it will be paid version.

Hide or Show div using javascript and jQuery

     The below example will explain you to how to hide a div using javascript and jQuery.
Using Javascript

Get Day Name / DATENAME in SQL

     DateName is mainly used to get the Name of the date for the given Date like (Sunday, Monday,...), also this is used to following purpose.

1. Get the Day Name
2. Get the Month Name
3. Get the Week of the year
4. Get the Quarter of the Year
5. Get the Day of the Year

1) Get the Day Name
     This is used to get the day name from the given date (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,...).

SELECT DATENAME(DW,'01/7/2013') as DayName


Trigger in SQL

     Triggers could be defined on the table, view, database or schema with the event is associated. If you write a trigger for delete, trigger will execute when the table data's are deleted.

Trigger in sql

Row_number(), Rank() and Dense_rank in SQL

          The above three's are totally difference things, and every one will be using different situations.

All Example result will show depend on the below table.
select AssetID from Emp_tb_Asset_Transactions

jQuery Dialog

     jQuery Dialog box needs to integrate two jQuery plug-in (jQuery and jquery-ui). For creating Dialog just create a div with id and write any content inside the div, and pass that div id to "dialog()" method.

Dialog box in jQuery

Find Datedifference in SQL

     Datediff is used to find the difference between two dates.

datediff(Interval,convert(date,Date1),convert(date,Date2)) as DiffDay

select datediff(DAY,convert(date,'2014-05-28 16:07:54.647'),convert(date,'2014-07-29 16:07:54.647')) as DiffDay


  • HOUR
  • DAY
  • YEAR

     Show the difference in Hour.
select datediff(HOUR,convert(date,'2014-05-28 16:07:54.647'),convert(date,'2014-07-29 16:07:54.647')) as DiffDay

     Show the difference in Seonds.
select datediff(SECOND,convert(date,'2014-05-28 16:07:54.647'),convert(date,'2014-07-29 16:07:54.647')) as DiffDay

     Show the difference in Minutes.
datediff(MINUTE,convert(date,Date1),convert(date,Date2)) as DiffDay

     Show the difference in Day.
select datediff(DAY,convert(date,'2014-05-28 16:07:54.647'),convert(date,'2014-07-29 16:07:54.647')) as DiffDay

     Show the difference in Month.
select datediff(MONTH,convert(date,'2014-05-28 16:07:54.647'),convert(date,'2014-07-29 16:07:54.647')) as DiffDay

     Show the difference in Year.

select datediff(YEAR,convert(date,'2014-05-28 16:07:54.647'),convert(date,'2014-07-29 16:07:54.647')) as DiffDay

coalesce in SQL

     Coalesce is used to check a coumn and if it is null or empty then fill with another alternative value.

Check Null and empty("") value in SQL

     This will check a particular column value and if it is null or empty then it will replace with another value.

Coalesce in sql

SQL Bulk Insert in a single line

     Bulk insert is possible in SQL, every set data data's are passed inside the "()" (brackets), every set have should separate with "," (comma).

Bulk insert in sql

Physical abuse suffered by children

     Home is a place where each person feels secure. A place where one feels the warmth of love from his/her family members. Or in other words, a heaven. But what happens, when this same heaven turns into a living hell?? When the same caregivers turn into cruel tormentors?? What happens when the mother who is supposed to be the one who loves you unconditionally, turns into a serious alcoholic and to meet her needs, sells you for some bucks?? When your father, whom you always look upto, the person who is supposed to protect you all the time, the person whom you trust infinitely, sexually assaults?? These are some of the harsh truths and issues, which need to be addressed and talked about. 

     Everyday we read innumerable stories, where many girls and boys as young as 3 and 4-year-old are beaten and raped brutally by their own family members or extended family members like cousins, uncles or aunts.Many have committed suicide, many ran away and feel into wrong hands, and many died as result of this torture.

     Most of the times, children are forced to keep their mouths shut because they are threatened with death or similar punishment. They are made to feel that, they are responsible for what ever is happening with them and so they are afraid that they will be ashamed in front of everyone if the news leaks out. Children are forced to stay with their tormentors as they have nowhere to go and also they are unaware of their rights and help lines. Most of the times, children are rescued when the neighbors become suspicious or they run away and by sheer chance of luck, they reach the right persons. Today, the stress-levels are skyrocketing and this is affecting the sanity of working people and since children are the easiest way to take out one’s frustrations, it results in physical violence.
I would like to share a poem which is written by a girl, who was sexually assaulted by her own father after he became widower. He felt that, she was responsible for his wife’s death and that was his way of punishing her. This poem pulled my heart-strings.

The land which gave me my identity

INCREDIBLE INDIA     How can one define a country which gave that person his identity? Any number of words is less to express one’s deep love towards one’s motherland,. India – a country which gave birth to many civilizations, a land which is known for its infinite traditions, languages, cultures and faiths. A melting pot, where one can meet people from all walks of life. A land where many religions took root and spread out into world like Buddhism and Jainism, the religions which spoke volumes of non-violence.A land which attracted travelers from all parts of the world from as far as Europe. It was the seat of learning, the land which had ancient universities like Taxila and nalanda universities, the country which gave the world 0, without which today, studying mathematics is unimaginable. The land which gave birth to legendary and courageous heroes like Rani Lakshmi Bai, who proved that nothing is impossible for a woman, Mahatma Gandhi, who showed the world that violence will not remove violence just like darkness cannot remove darkness, hatred won’t erase hatred, Tantya Tope, Shivaji and many more who fought till the last breath to save their motherland. ? Any number of words is less to express one’s deep love towards one’s motherland, to describe this land of science, beauty, honor and culture.

Two List Boxes in html

     Mostly we are used the <select> tag for drop down but we can also used in list box, to enable this feature just add the "size=?" attribute and If you want to allow user to select more than one list item from the list box again you need to put the "multiple" attribute.

Two List Boxes


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