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Configure and install cordova requirements
     Usually android program's are created using java program, but cordova is a framework to convert the HTML,CSS,JavaScript code to android program. So we can simply create the program through HTML,CSS,Javascript and easy to convert and work with android device. In the following steps we will learn about this.

     The following bar chart is including tool tips and we are applied the gradient colors, some multi colors are mention below

Example Colors:

If you use mutiple color for each set you should need to enable the sequential,
"barc.Set('colors.sequential', true);"

     The following example will teach you to change the shape of the legends, here we can change the shapes circle and rectangle.

     You should enable the sequential, otherwise it show only one colour and it will not match with keys(legend) color.
keys and data should be same length.

     The following plugin name is RGraph.thermometer.js and we are used the RGraph.common.core.js. And also we don't have own hosting server so we are hosted using google drive.

     The following example will teach you to increase the font size for the legends of the graph.

     You should enable the sequential, otherwise it show only one colour and it will not match with keys(legend) color.
keys and data should be same length.

     If you are using the distinct in SQL query, it will remove the duplicate rows and sort by the name ascending order. So we can't get the actual sorted value. So you can use the following methods.

     The following example will teach you to place the label under the graph.

Label length and data length should be same.
     ISO files are used to store the collection of data files as CD or DVD format, this will not compress the files but it will create set of files in a single file. We can extract using winrar but it is the not proper way also it is very very slow to extract. So we need to create virtual drive and mount the iso file to the virtual drive, now you can access it like CD/DVD drive.

     Some time the Farcry 3 game will not start with last saved game (the continue button disabled), and the New Game button only visible. Mostly this problem will occur on unexpectedly power failure or exit the game properly. So the saved game file have chance to missing to locate the saved file.

     RGraph.meter.js is used to create a meter chart, mainly used for indicate the live status of the action like car, bike speed meter. The following example will change the value every 3 seconds.


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