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Usage of chkdsk Command

In case when you working with your hard disk, the power failure then your hard disk data may loss the data so operating system check when we on the system after power failure.

computer start up desk check

This check should disply first time only but some time it will check every time, so we can disable this type of checking, the steps are

open start=>run=>type "regedit" and
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager

In the right hand pane, double click BootExecute.

The default value of the key is autocheck autochk *

* means every drive is checked for consistency. Just add /K:C at the end before *. /K switch will disable autocheck on C: drive at Windows startup. So the final value should look like this:

autocheck autochk /k:C *
If you want to add more drives, the key should look like this: (disabling C and D drives)

autocheck autochk /k:C /k:D *
If you want to restore everything to default, just replace the key with the default one i.e.
autocheck autochk *

Manual checking we can check manually chkdsk command using command prompt
open command prompt (start=>run=>type "cmd" and hit enter

Chkdsk Command Syntax:
chkdsk [drive:] [/p] [/r]

drive: = This is the drive letter of the partition you want check for errors.
/p = This option instructs chkdsk to perform an extensive check of the drive and correct any errors.
/r = This option instructs chkdsk to locate bad sectors and recover any readable information from them.

Note: When using this option, the /p option is implied so it's not necessary to use it in addition to/r.

Chkdsk Command Examples:

In the above example, since no drive or additional options were entered, chkdsk simply displays the status of the current drive.



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