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Reduce image size:-
     Many website required to upload a photo size within 20 kb and some one mention the pixel size also, but if we take a photo through digital camera, mobile camera or scanner, etc. your photo size should be higher than 20 kb, so we can't upload these photos directly to the website. In this case we have a easy possible to reduce the size of the photo and (or) reduce the pixel.
     The image size is depend on the color ratio and pixel size. We can reduce this both using windows default paint application.

Steps to reduce the size of the Image:-
  1) Right click on the image and choose open with => paint

2) After open it press Ctrl+w key on the keyboard and open a dialog box for reduce the pixel and image size.

3) Select the Pixel radio button and change the "Horizontal" "Vertical" size what you want

4) Afert set the size just press the "Ok" button and see the different from the below image.


  1. very usefull information dear but i m using all time android please geve me android softwaere about small size images


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