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       The shadow property is used to give shadow effect to columns. Default value is "false", so in default mode the shadow effect will not appear. If you want to show shadow effect on the graph you should need to set the shadow property value true.
How to check my mobile balance?
     The following code are used to check your mobile balance, just dial and press call button to know your mobile balance.
Factorial Execution in C programming
      Factorial is a mathematical formulation. It is represented by "!" (exclamation mark). It is return the integer value.The product of all the positive integers from 1 to a given positive integer. For example(5!=1*2*3*4*5).

     Bipolar is very easiest way to draw chart using RGraph, just you need to integrate only two files, they are
1) RGraph.common.core
2) RGraph.bipolar.js

     In the following example we are import two RGraph plugins and we don't have own server for hosting files so we are host it with google and import it to the following editor.

     If you want to use it on your own website, copy the whole program and create the js file inside  your server it is only giving speed.

     The following example, just you need to put two js file. We don't have own server for storing this js file so we are using google drive hosting service.

In this section we need to import the following two js files

     The following example is the very simplest program for drawing pie chart using RGraph. If you want to learn more about RGraph Click Here.
     Simple RGraph Bar chart, just you need to import two external js plugins, and just call the function and draw the bar chart. In the following example you can edit and instantly see the output.
     In RGraph we can change the columns colors using "colors" objects. See the below example for more information.
Example Colors:

If you use multiple color for each set you should need to enable the sequential, 
"rose.Set('colors.sequential', true);"
Know my Mobile Number
     The following code are latest updated code it should be work, just dial this number in your mobile and press call button to get your mobile number.

                TYPE NUM => AND SEND TO 51230(Total free)

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1.Save the fish in the tank, by completing the pipte system, from the water-outlet to the tank-in take (left side of tank), before the water runs out.

Harry The Hamster

How to Play
Can you help Harry the hamster build tunnels to get safely home through 5 levels past the hungry cat? Drag and drop tube pieces with the mouse to safely join Harry to the exit, avoiding the cat's bowls. When time runs out he'll start moving, but you can still drag any pieces he's not used to keep building(if you're qick enough!) You can get a time bonus by clicking on the key to release Harry early. If you're really daring try doing this before you've finished the tunnel! You also get a bonus for using more pieces, and if you fail you can try the level again but will lose your score (So to get a really good score you'll need to play from the start). Harry can even fly through the air using special pieces on later levels, but make sure you catch him safely!

     When you close or open you solution using visual studio 2013 or  other it will show this error, "No exports were found that match the constraint: ContractName Microsoft.Internal.VisualStudio.PlatformUI.ISolutionAttachedCollectionService  RequiredTypeIdentity  Microsoft.Internal.VisualStudio.PlatformUI.ISolutionAttachedCollection".
     The error can see like below.

     echo is used to display string or variable values.
     Php string function is used to do some action in strings, string is the set of characters. We have many string functions they are.

  • strlen()
  • strrev()
  • str_word_count()
  • strpos()
  • str_replace()

     Variable is the very important concept for storing and reading the data using variable, in php assign the variable should start with $ symbol.

       A local variable only exists within its scope - IOW, if it's defined in a function, it only exists in that function. Another variable of the same name in a different function is a different variable.
     A global variable exists through the entire program. If it's set in one function, it still has that value in another function.

     stop() method is used to if you start any animation method (animate, sliding, fade) and if it is in processing, you can stop the animation instantly using this stop() method.

     In jQuery we can write more than one jQuery methods in a single line that is called chaining.

     The animate() method is used to create a small animation in html elements.

     jQuery have three sliding methods to creating the sliding effects on elements. The types are define follows.

  1. slideUp
  2. slideDown
  3. slideToggle
     The following css code is support all type of browsers, chrome, firefox, safari and etc. But it require html5 supported browser.

     ng-disabled is used to disable or enable the html element, this value contain true or false value.
true  -Disable the HTML element
false - Enable the HTML element

     ng-show is used to show or hide a HTML element, the value is contain only true or false value.
true - Show the HTML element
false - Hide the HTML element


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