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     One of the beautiful HTML editor is launched by FAS this editor is support  HTML, JavaScript and CSS also this editor can run the jquery, AngularJS and all type of client side code but it require internet connection.
     I think they will launch with these facility in offline soon, really it is the great tool for HTML, CSS or Javascript developer. You can do the program any where you travel. The program will not delete after you close the application, it will stored in your android device and when you open it again the program is still there.

Download FAS HTML CSS JS Editor

1) HTML, CSS and JavaScript supported.
2) Final output will store permanently in your device, so you can do your program anywhere.
3)Adfree edition is launch soon and it have more facility like default sample program for basic learner, ad free support and you can store more your own code.


1) HTML support
android FAS HTML CSS JS Editor

android HTML CSS JS Editor

2) CSS Support
android HTML editor

CSS editor for android device
3)JavaScript Supported

FAS CSS Editor

JavaScript Editor for android
4) Style Tag supported

     "Ads by bus component" it is the malware. In the following step we will discus to remove this from google search.
Dont hire the most qualified

     I got this question into my mind for the past 1 month after applying for a lot of jobs in Sales and marketing domain. There was not much response from any of them. I guess HR persons are just looking for the persons who have the experience in papers. Are they really looking for passion and people who are really talented without much experience?  Yes, experience really matters, but when it comes to the real job the people who will excel and stay in the domain would be the person who is crazy and thinks out of the box.

     I have applied to lot of companies with a market study attached with my resume. I tried to be innovative and different in my approach. But I am sure that none of those emails would have reached the CEO or CMO from the HR persons who received the same. If that market study has reached the CEO or CMO I am sure that, I would have landed in my dream job by this point of time.

     I am not here to blame the HR persons. I understand the difficulty from their side in hiring the right candidates for the organization in right time. I am just giving my honest feedback that the hiring process just looks for experience not for the real talented persons who thinks always out of the box. Definitely for company’s growth you should hire the persons who are experienced in the same domain. But when you hire 10 persons who are experienced, you should give a chance for a person with less experience but talented and thinks out of the box all the time.

     The interesting part is even I made a video which is attached below expressing my interest in working for Sales and marketing roles in companies. When I used to send my resume to the HR, I used to attach the video also with my resume. But due to lot of reasons that video is still not been viewed by the persons which I expected to view.

     But I am sure that one day you will come and looking to hire me. But that time I will be working with your competitor.

Article Written by
Bhuvanesh K.R.
Business Development Manager at Exenta HRMS

     The following tutorial we are learn about how to create a simple android application using cordova, we already learn about cordova  installation and configuration.

     After the cordova installation and cofiguration, open command prompt (windows key + R => type cmd=>press Enter)

     Array can store more than one values but same data type. push method is used to insert the values into array, when you want to store the values into array you can use this push method.
     This method is used to call a specified function on specified time period. If you want to call a function after window load or after click a function or after any action, you can use setTimeout method.

     In the following tutorial, we are learning about swapping two columns in SQL table.

Following example I am wrongly saved the data, and I need to swap these columns.

     We can find the checkbox or radio button is checked or not using is jQuery method. This method is returning the true or false value.
     We can find the checkbox or radio button is checked or not using is jQuery method. This method is returning the true or false value.
     Skype is providing access there features without using the skype software, so no need to install any software and if you went to access the skype from internet cafe and the system don't have skype software no problem.
     You can access your skype video chart and text chart through browser, just you need to know about the web address and skpe username password.


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