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The following META tag generator is only for blogger. Meta tags are small coding statement. They contain description about the content. They provide detailed explanation on the content. They provide a website with increased traffic. Unlike other tags they do not affect the appearance of the content but it deals with the information on things like description of content, author, update, keywords etc.

Blogger meta tag genarator

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Meta tags play an important role in the visibility of a content. Search engines uses this information to build indices and give users what they search for the Meta tags serve us a small advertising agent. If used correctly it will give the content much user visibility and more traffic. Consider this example: you are writing an article about India and it has meta tags like states,languages,types of food, people etc. then your article will come up if somebody search for states,food,people,languages.this happens because it has meta tags.

Using Meta tags

Meta tags should be compelling and not make meta tags lengthy .Recommended description length is about 140-160 charecters.if it is longer than that it is usually truncated and mention the key notes in it.
Important things to remember when using Meta tags
length  of the meta description (140-160)
avoid duplicate meta description
do not use quotes in tags(if used can be cut off)
best to avoid non-alphanumeric characters
use meta tags for articles with small no of key words
if articles is lengthy, contains too much key words or description do not use meta tags
(Reason : if you use tags if your tags and the user search keyword is different it causes distraction to your this case do no use tags and let the search engine extract tags)
use keywords to start your article because if meta tags are absent then sites like Facebook uses the first text In the content to relate your content
make sure that the meta tags description are unique.


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    1. You can add just below "<head>" tag, Templates->Edit HTML->Find (<head> and just paste below it)

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